Aug 10, 2009

Close to my heart...

Multi-purpose Square Piggy
I'm using this as a bag accessory, palm rest or even pin cushion :)

Pan Fried Egg
The egg could be detached from the pan and replaced by other food such as bacon, sausage etc.

Weird Characters
These were made few years back for college fund raising project

In The News

"Klang Creative Festival" Media Coverage

A big gratitude for all the awesome people who supported me during my first try-out at the Klang Creative Bazaar. Next, I’ll be refining my designs, skills and explore on making more creative items such as hp pouches, wallets, accessories... Stay tuned!

People/Character series

Glad to meet lovely personalities and customade their celebrity idols into dolls during the Klang Creative Festival.

Prince (Customize)

Princess (Customize)

Specky boy (Customize)

Aug 6, 2009

Klang Creative Festival

Come join us at Klang Creative Festival to be held this coming weekend.
It's an event to showcase Malaysian original created music, film, photography, handicraft, art etc, organized by

I'll be setting up a booth at the creative bazaar in collaboration with thedarevilinside & imjustemo.

Aug 5, 2009

Welcome to Khai's Handmade

These needle crafts are my handmade creation and made of felt fabrics. Sweat and blood sheds in making each of them, but sure I enjoy the process very much.

Customization is available; you may choose any design and colour. Whether you want it to be a doll, necklace, key chain, cell phone chain or brooch etc.

Looking for something in your mind, that i've yet to make it? Just describe it, I’ll sketch it out for you and then make it into reality.

Price varies on size & designs' complexity.