Aug 24, 2010

They framed me up under the sea!

Photo frames & Invitation 

The Brief:
A functional invitation card for a kid's birthday party to be held in Aquaria.

The Solution:
Idea 1: A photo frame that can insert an invite
Idea 2: A bookmark that can insert an invite
Idea 3:  A button batch attached on an invite

The Process:
   1. Idea generating
   2. Designing
   3. Experimenting
   4. Cutting the necessary ingredients – cloth, batting, PVC, ribbon etc
   5. Sews the flower with beads
   6. Sews the PVC for the window
   7. Sews the hanging ribbon
   8. Sews the face, eyes, fins & texture lines
   9. Sews the flower on
  10. Sews the body together
  11. Insert the invite
  12. Repeat steps 4-11 for 38 times
  13.  Da Da, finally 38 photo frames completed with lots of love regardless sleepless nights and smaller shrunken eyes ^^


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